Tuesday, May 22, 2012

a little "status update"

3 doctor's visits in less than 24 hours.  Strep is making the rounds.

1 yr old refused to get out of crib this morning.  Just requests more books.

4 year old takes violin just to play on stage.  Attention starved?

Ragnar 2nd year in a row, this time with Jason.  Can't Wait!!!

I lost my mojo.  Can someone please come clean and organize my house?

Quick visit to ID to visit Grandpa Lloyd one last time.  What a sweetheart.

Goblin Valley, Green River, Wild Horse Canyon.  Fabulous weekend.  Just ignore the part where everyone but mom forgot it was Mother's Day.

Teaching a child to ride a 2 wheeler is painful.  For child and adult. 3 down, 1 to go.

Soccer season survived.  Whew!  I will not coach soccer next year.  I will not coach soccer next year.  I will not coach soccer next year.  Please remind me of this in the fall.  2 times is enough.

Philly=awesome.  Although 3 skinny white girls (2 with red hair) are quite an anomaly and attract a bit of attention in downtown Philly.  Favorite Part- Eastern State Penitentiary tour.

My doctor told me I was underweight.  I told him that if I had boobs my BMI would change.

"I feel like a morning star." Sung by 1 year old.  Love little kids' singing.

Apples and cheese in bed.  Sounds like heaven.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wait, people are actually reading my blog?

I got online tonight and read a few blogs. I rarely do that. In doing so, I remembered- I HAVE A BLOG! (It came as a surprise to me too.) So I logged in thinking maybe I should post. I came across the stats tab,which I have NEVER checked in the years of running this so-called blog. I
discovered that people actually LOOK at my blog! Say what?? They may not read it. Or comment. But I guess they do visit it. So . . . here is a brief update.

1. Everyone is getting older and bigger but not necessarily wiser.
They are all still cute and fun and quirky. But I'm still waiting for the day that the 10 year old will not make the same mistakes as the 18 month old. Did you really just pick that up off the ground and put it in your mouth? Further down are some pictures to prove their physical growth and development.And for all you naysayers; yes, I am being sarcastic. They are good kids; I love them. They are learning and I'm proud of some of the things they are doing.

2. We still enjoy spending time together and do so often.
We've done lots of skiing this winter with our season passes. We thoroughly enjoyed our Family Christmas present- a trip to Hawaii. When I got our tax return I immediately wanted to go on another vacation. The library is always a popular destination in this house, some weeks we go 3x. We do lots of fun chores together. You know what they say . . .
3.The monotony of daily life never gets old
Everyday homework and chores never cease to elicit strong emotional responses.

4. No matter how good your baby is they all eventually reach the terrible 2s
Lanie, my dear sweet, easy child is getting closer to 2. No matter how good the child, they all go through it. She currently loves saying "NO" to everything no matter how unoriginal I tell her it is. Her little tantrums and
desires for independence would be quite endearing if I was a first time parent but unfortunately, I have been down this road too many times and only know that this is just the beginning.
5. I am a decade into parenthood
Mara just turned 10. I say "just" but it was 2 months ago. That is recent in my book. I can't believe I have been staying at home, wiping bums, picking up toys, buckling car seats, making meals 3x a day for 10 years. Wow! Time flies when you're having fun? But I've also been reading bedtime stories, singing songs, holding hands, kissing owies, and comforting nightmares for 10 years. As a 10 year old Mara seems SO old. She looks old too. She is a pretty good kid but I am scared to death for what is to come. Her emotions can be too much for me now!
6. Asher is still a momma's boy and that is fine by me
Recently he came home with a school project where they posted information about themselves and it ended with a picture of them. People were supposed to guess who it was by the info. Here is what Asher wrote: I have beautiful green eyes. (awww) My name starts with an A. I like playing hard soccer. (As opposed to wussy soft soccer.) Who am I?

7. Eden got her tonsils out
Here is a video of her day of. It really wiped her out. She was a trooper and I'm glad we did it. She eats better, she sleeps better but the miraculous transformation I was hoping for -- you know, where she is an angel child-- no such luck. She's still a real garden of Eden. Full of spunk and sass. shhhh-somedays, I think she has no conscience.


As far as blog posts, this one could keep going but I have to save something for the next post. You know, in 5 months! Let me know if you'll be around.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Travelling. This lucky dog has traveled the globe the past 6 months with work. I was able to accompany him to Bali but other than that I stayed home with the kiddos. That's all right though. I had lots of good food to keep me company. We won't attach photos. It will make us all jealous.

I LOVE these. Have you tried them? I love chips. These are like chips but better because they are healthier. I can indulge in my chip obsession without feeling guilty. I have gone through 2 huge bags in the last month. (Granted, Jason's been travelling a lot!) I bought one to use at Christmas but I doubt it will survive 'til then.

Whistling. She recently discovered the art of whistling and can't stop. She thinks it is fabulous. She also recently discovered that not all people love it. In her words "Mom, did you know some people don't like whistling. Every time I was whistling Annie (friend) kept telling me to stop, that it was annoying." Yes honey, I know, heaven help me, I KNOW, but I also know how much you like it so I will just smile and not say a word.

Soccer. Soccer. Soccer. Soccer. It's 10 degrees out and this boy is in the pitch black winter night practicing in the backyard. He tells me his plans to play in the world cup and has no doubts that he will obtain that goal because he practices every day at school and at home. He has created a chart of the people who are better than him and what he has to do to pass them up. He says it's like a video game in his mind.

Nailpolish. I don't know that there are any 4 year olds more adept at painting nails. And it's not an innate skill. Lots of practice.

Pumpkins. In the fall when pumpkins were aplenty and we each picked one out, this little girl carried hers around like a babydoll. It sat at the table with her, went in the tub with her, you name it, it was there. Everytime we went anywhere you would hear her pointing out the pumpkins everywhere. When we tossed the original after it got mushy, we got a MUCH smaller one that wouldn't get soft and wouldn't hurt so much when dropped on my foot!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Old Habits

Here I am yet again, weeks (months?) going by without a post. Typically, I'm the kind of person to beat myself up over the many, many dumb little things I do or don't do day in and out. Like not posting on my blog for months. Staying up too late reading others blogs when I should be sleeping. Not making the most of EVERY minute in EVERY day. And so on, and so forth. I feel guilty for doing anything fun, enjoying myself, or taking the luxury of being lazy and relaxing for a moment. So, with the fall I say, let's throw those old leaves off and start anew. Here is a list I made of ways I (and you) can earn points to show you are moving in the right direction. I think it may help increase your/my confidence and boost your/my self esteem.

1) If you got up today- then give yourself a point.
2) If you got dressed before, say, 10 am, another point.
3) If you showered 2 bonus points. (You know me and hygiene.)
4) Anytime I feed anyone-points. Feeding myself, the kids, the fish- all great things. I deserve to be recognized for that.
5)Any simple mundane household task- all worth points. ( Making my bed. Loading the dishwasher. Picking up a piece of garbage and throwing it away instead of stepping over it and waiting for the kids to come home and do it. All very noteworthy accomplishments.)
6)Keep track of all the comments I wanted to say but didn't. A fantastic feat.--5 points
7)Taking a break from "work" to play with the kids.--3 points
8) Looking in the mirror before going out--2 points
9) Listening to some music--point. Why not?
10) Smiling-- point. Absolutely!
11)Getting the kids (and me) where we need to be--2 points. No need to be on time, who are we kidding, just getting there is an accomplishment in and of itself.
12)Doing something on your to-do list, even if it is half-assed.--5 points. Seriously, the fact that you did it really is more than enough. Day late and a dollar short- I don't care. I'm just happy if I complete a task.
13) Stopping a project in the middle and saving it for later rather than pressing through when really tired. 5 points.

5 points to me, right now because I am going to bed with this post unfinished. I am that awesome! Enjoy your own awesomeness right now for all the great things you did today.

Monday, August 8, 2011

The blog dilemma

So, you're thinking I forgot about my blog or have been so busy I haven't posted. While both of the above could be true really it boils down to the blog dilemma. Or dilemmas.
1- do you post on your blog just to post something even if it isn't that interesting? Just to remind people you still have a blog that you are keeping alive, even if it is boring? But then you take the chance that people stop reading bc well, it's boring.
2-to make a blog somewhat interesting you've got to give something a little juicy. Am I willing to do that to keep people reading? Posting about swim lessons, story time, summer travels and whatnot are great. But after a while everyone loses interest. I mean, you can find thousands of other mommy bloggers posting the same things. Probably with their kids in the same poses, coming down a water slide, hiking in the mountains, yea, yea. What keeps my interest in blogs is when people get personal. They share the dirt. That's the good stuff. But I don't know that I'm willing to do that. Partially because it is personal but usually because it also implicates other people in the process-family members, friends, neighbors, anyone who may have been involved int latest scandals. Oh yes, I have scandals! And wouldn't you like to know ...
So, what do you say? Boring family humdrum or interesting opinions and scandals that I really shouldn't share but I know you'd love to hear just so you can feel better about yourself?

Boring: I ran Ragnar (a running relay race) 20 miles in 12 hours, no sleep. Awesomeness. Also did a triathlon, and some other races. Found a new band I liked-Beirut, having fun with the kids over the summer, hiking, went to Oregon for a few days to see my brother off to brazil for a mission, keeping busy playing with friends and family.

Interesting: was yelled at for having postpartum by a close friend, struggled for a while and took a break from everything while I sorted things out to figure out what I really wanted for myself. Feeling rather rebellious and entitled but quite enjoying it so don't be surprised when you hear some pretty brash things come out of my mouth. How's that for juicy but too much honesty?
Well, there you have it

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

There's a first time for everything

Here are a few recent firsts.
"Tie"-Dyed EggsI saw these on this website months ago and have been excited for Easter. It was really easy and fun. The eggs looked SO cool. BTW- is anyone else re-thinking the Easter Bunny? Next year our Easter Bunny will be very different. Less candy. Fo' Shur!

Cloth Diapers
This is something I've wanted to do for a long time but have been intimidated. It's a whole different language that frankly, is so cheesy and obnoxious. (Think "Fuzzibunz", "Bumgenius", "Happy Heinys", "The Cloth Diaper Whisperer"- I only wish I was joking. That's not even the worst of them.) Anyway, after visiting my SIL Megan who is making some great steps toward being more eco-friendly (check out this blog for ideas) I knew that it was time to take the plunge. I spent hours researching and some moolah with my initial purchase BUT I am very pleased to report that I am loving it. Jason wasn't completely on board at first but I think he is coming around. Check out that booty! That is the diaper- no cover. So cute, right? Next Step- Waste Free Lunches.

Half Marathon
I consider myself a runner even if I'm not always consistent. Between pregnancies and babies it makes it hard. I started running a few weeks after Lanie's birth and it felt great but shortly after developed hip pain. I discovered that my tendons were messed up from the broken tailbone in delivery so I started Physical therapy and was told to take a break from running. Jason's company was a sponsor of the SL Marathon and Half so we signed up for free. I've always wanted to do a 1/2 marathon and the cheapskate in me could not let the opportunity pass. So, that's how I ended up doing a 1/2 marathon with NO training. And by no training I mean that it had been over a month since I had run at all and in 2011 if you added up all my runs together they may have totaled a 1/2 marathon. I was quite nervous that it would be pure torture but I've always felt that I could run and run as long as I went slow. Well, that's exactly what I did and it was AWESOME! I loved it. I felt great, it was so fun and I can't wait to do another.

The "Talk"
That's right. For any of you who have to approach this topic let me introduce you to a great icebreaker "Sex in a Pan." That's right. I initiated this conversation by having Mara help me make dessert for Sunday dinner which was "Sex in a Pan." It was great. We talked about it while making dessert. Relaxed and comfortable. We'll just see where this leads . . .

Mockingjay baby
That's right folks. You saw it here first.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

His Name is Asher

Recently it was Asher's birthday so I figure that it's time to gush. If you don't like mothers who gush about their children then please, don't hesitate to go to something way more interesting, like facebook, or your laundry.

This week at school Asher is the "Monster of the week". A little cheesy but cute nonetheless. Essentially he is being spotlighted this week. It's one of those things that as a parent you can feel annoyed about because it is one more thing to have to be on top of. But on the other hand- it gives you a chance to stop and think about your child and how special they are.

Every day this week there is a new thing to do- Monday: poster, Tuesday: favorite story to bring and read, Wednesday: Estimating Jar, Thursday: Special Something about child, Friday: Special Surprise. Like I said, it's a love-hate thing. Of course I think my child is something special and want him to have his chance to shine but it also feels like a time for the parents to shine because the more creative you are and more time you put in the better your child looks. I hate that. I'm not creative--Hello, blog title, and especially not when I'm tired, which, with 4 children and a nighttime nursing baby, when am I not tired? (Let's not forget I just got back in town from one trip and then leave for another on Friday, with no husband in town, and I've got other deadlines looming over me . . .) As I thought about the Thursday special something about my child (suggestion ideas- write a story, write a poem, blah, blah) I felt overwhelmed until BAM, I realized that music is one thing that Jason and I can do. So VOILA- a song is born. During Mara's violin lesson I wrote the ultra-sappy but oh so true lyrics. Then Jason pounded out the guitar and drums and we each did our own vocals. Nothing radio worthy but I think that Asher will feel special and loved and it shares just a little of how we feel about this sweet, tender boy that is such an integral part of our family.